1-4 Premium Room Heat Transfer Kit (24m Ducting) – TT Silent

The 1-4 Room Heat transfer kit is designed to transfer warm air from one room to four rooms which are nearby. The kit comes with everything you need to install including ducting, an inline fan, intake/outlet vents and BTOs.



1-4 Premium Room Heat Transfer Kit Includes:

1x 200mm TT Silent Inline fan with lead and plug
3 x 6m length of R 1.0 Rated 150mm Insulated ducting
1 x 6m length of R 1.0 Rated 200mm Insulated ducting
4 x 150mm plastic white cone vents
1 x 200mm plastic white cone vents
1 x Hanging tape
2 x BTO 150 x 150 x 150
1 x BTO 200 x 150 x 150
1 x Duct Tape

Inline Fan Specs

  • Motor Type: Mixflow
  • Capacity: 1020 m3/hr (283.333 l/s)
  • Motor Power (Wattage): 110w
  • Noise Level at 3m: 36 dB(A)
  • Duct Size: 150mm and 200mm

About This Kit

The 1-4 long room heat transfer kit is designed to be relatively easy to install. First you will need to install the intake vent inside the room with the heat source. You can then install the outlet cone vent in the room you wish to transfer the heat to. This kit comes with 24m of insulated ducting, so please ensure the vents are no more than 24m apart.

You can then install the motor inside the roofspace. The fan in this kit comes pre wired to a lead and plug, meaning it will simply plug into a powerpoint in the roofspace. Once the fan is in position you can run the insulated duct from the intake vent to the motor and then to the outlet vent. Use the supplied duct tape to ensure everything is connected securely and use the hanging tape to ensure the ducting does not sag. The duct is supplied in 6m lengths, which you will need to cut depending on the length of the inlet and outlet.

The kits can be installed by the client as it is relatively easy to install. Some handyman skills are required to make holes in the plaster, etc. An electrician is needed to provide power to the fan (or a power point if you do not already have one) and a switch, also to install a thermostat if required.




Fanco – The manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)