Ventair Myka 2 Silver

The Ventair Myka 2 is a premium slimline 3 in 1 exhaust fan. This model comes includes with two built in heat lamps of 275w per lamp and a 10w LED downlight positioned in the middle of the exhaust fan. The Myka 2 includes a size of 125mm in diameter with 3 meters of ducting and a external vent. This exhaust fan is constructed with a robust and durable 28w ball bearing motor of longevity. The Myka 2 is suitable for installation in ensuites and bathroom applications.

$159.00 $199.00

Ventair Myka 2 Exhaust Fan Features

  • Modern energy saving unit with LED downlight
  • Side ducted centrifugal exhaust fan
  • Comes with everything you need to install – 125mm x 3m Aluminium Ducting and a Fixed Grille
  • Also includes a 3 gang switch

Myka 4 Specifications

  • Model Number: M2HDLXS
  • Exhaust Motor Power: 28w
  • Ball bearing motor: Yes
  • Air Delivery: 167 m3/h
  • Grille Size: 419.5 x 244.5mm
  • Cut out size: 355 x 220mm
  • Min. install depth: 200mm
  • Side outlet duct size: 125mm diameter
  • Heat Lamps: 2 x 275w globes (included)
  • Down Light: 1 x 10w LED in Natural White 4000K
  • 573 Lumen output
  • Noise Level: 38db(A)
Manufacturers Part Number




Extraction Capacity

146 m3/hr

Cut Out Size

355mm x 200mm

Minimum Install Depth




IP Rating



Ventair – 3 year replacement warranty