Vortice Microrapid Wall Heater – 2000w

vortice italian madehigh quality heaterpower-2000w

The Vortice Microrapid 2000 VO is a wall mounted heater designed for indoor use. The heater has three settings; 800w, 1200w and 2000w.

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Microrapid 2000 VO Features

  • Front and rear panels, top and bottom grilles made of steel with scratch-resistant paint finish, colour grey.
  • Extremely silent (tangential fan drive), suitable for bedroom installation.
  • Ends and section housing controls made of self-extinguishing plastic rated V0, colour grey.
  • Metal-clad heating element with aluminium heat sink
  • Thermal overload cutout with manual reset.
  • Luminous switches for on/off control and selection of heat output settings.
  • Manually adjustable room thermostat with antifreeze function guaranteeing automatic activation of the heater whenever ambient temperature drops below 5 °C.
  • Installation: Requires hardwiring by an electrician.

Vortice Microrapid Dimensions

microrapid dimensions
A: 633mm
B: 258mm
C: 190mm

SKU: HIRMR2000 Categories: , ,
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Vortice Heater: 2 Year relacement warranty (conditions apply)