Choosing The Right Heater

Several factors come into play when choosing your heater’s capacity and capability. After deciding the functionality required you will be able to narrow your search to indoor or outdoor heaters. Then for indoor locations take into consideration the local climate, the room size, the natural elements, current insulation and interior inclusions such as carpets and curtains. For outdoor locations think about positioning, climate, coverage and use.

As a general guide for the moderate Australian environment, a well-insulated room of 20 square metres will likely need a 2000W electric heater. The same room would need more heating if poorly insulated and heat preserving items are missing such as carpets and curtains. However it is the use of the room that will probably be the link to the right heater whether you are heating a single person working at a desk, or wanting more extensive heating of the whole room.


*Any advice is general and may be situational. Contact us for assistance where needed.