7 Ways To Heat Affordably

heaterWhile we need to keep warm in winter, this can come at a cost. Here are 7 ways to minimalise this cost:

1. Each degree lower you set your heater will save you approximately 10% of your heating bill. So instead of 23 or 24 degrees, try 20 or 21 degrees to take the chill away.
2. Choose a heater to suit the room size.
3. Only heat the rooms you are using rather than the whole house.
4. As we all know, hot air rises. Therefore if you have high ceilings, consider a ceiling fan with a reverse function to help circulate the hot air throughout the room pushing that hot air down.
5. Help keep the warm air in by helping to eliminate drought by using curtains and carpet and also by making sure your windows and doors seal and shut effectively.
6. Unplug your heater when you are finished using it as some may have a ‘standby’ function that will still use energy even when not in use.
7. Insulate. Insulation in your ceiling doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and will continue to help you save on your energy bills in winter by keeping the heat in.

If you take into consideration the above tips, it is likely you won’t have to keep your heaters on for as long as your room will maintain the temperature more effectively.