Nobo Oslo Panel Heater Has Arrived!


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We are proud to introduce a new addition to our range for winter 2016 – The NOBO OSLO range of panel heaters! Firstly a brief introduction to the Brand, Nobo has been producing heaters since 1949 and are very popular in Europe. The products are Scandinavian and do a great job of combining design with functionality. If you would like to read more about NOBO please click here.

The OSLO represents everything that NOBO stand for as a brand, its sleek, modern and works wonderfully well. The heater is available in a number of sizes ranging from a compact 750w model all the way up to a large 2.4kw heater designed to cover a large area. The higher the wattage the longer the heater will be, this added length means the heater is a better choice for a larger room to cover a larger area.

NOBO OSLO – Scandinavian Quality

The heater can be purchased with a thermostat or with a timer. The heaters operate in complete silence which means they are ideal for bedrooms. There are no fans, clicking mechanical thermostats or moving parts stopping you and your family from getting a peaceful rest.

Unlike other models the Oslo is designed to heat the room by using convection and radiant heat. With concealed air vents, the heater draws in cool air, passing it over the aluminium element to naturally create convection heat. This heat is gently distributed through the room via the full width air vent at the top of the unit.
The aluminium element within the Oslo evenly heats the front panel, this heat then radiates throughout the room. This radiant heat warms surfaces and objects around the unit maintaining the heat near the floor where it is required.
Without the use of fans or mechanical moving parts, the Oslo heater ensures efficient heating, with all energy used converted directly into heat.

A Portable Heater that can be wall mounted

Each Nobo Oslo comes complete with set of castors. This means you can simply attach the castors and the heater is a freestanding unit, giving you portability instantly. Alternatively you can install the heater on a wall via the mounting brackets provided. No electrician is required to install this unit, it will easily plug into a powerpoint.

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A Heater Suitable for Bathroom Use

The entire OSLO range is IP24 rated, suitable for all locations, and approved for use in bathrooms with an IP24 splash proof rating.